Evactron® 25 Zephyr Remote Plasma Cleaner


Top of the line plasma cleaner: the most flexible system available with fully adjustable ignition and operating pressures. Starts during pumpdown and is safe for diffusion and turbo pump systems. Low and high vacuum cleaning: clean samples in-situ in minutes at roughing pump pressures and cleans the chamber at turbo pump pressures. Tabletop controller features easy one-button operation with repeatable, preset plasma conditions via encoder or external computer interface. Uses energy efficient capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) and not inductively coupled plasma (ICP). Stays cool like a CFL (a CCP device) versus a hot tungsten filament bulb. Dual action cleaning with both plasma and UV afterglow to desorb adventitious hydrocarbons and water vapor. Non-damaging to sensitive components - no sputter etch or stripping. Gas source is room air for ease of use and low operating cost. Installation options: the Zephyr can be installed on the vacuum chamber or load lock. Five year limited warranty: stringent manufacturing control leads to low failure rate and customer peace of mind.

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