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CoolLED Limited

in Lamps, LEDS, LEDS, Illuminators, Illuminators, Fluorescence Microscopes, Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy, Accessories for Light Microscopy

CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology.

Westmarch Business Centre
River Way
Andover SP10 1NS
United Kingdom

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in Vendors - Light Microscopy, Lamps, LEDS, Illuminators, Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy, Energy Transfer, Accessories for Light Microscopy

CoolLED offers the pE-series of LED illumination products with wavelengths matched to your fluorophores and filters. Fits most current and o

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Excelitas Technologies

in Lasers, Lamps, LEDS, Illuminators, General Optics, Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy, Detectors, Cameras for Light Microscopy

Offers innovative and reliable X-Cite illumination solutions with high power, control and stability for fluorescence applications.

2260 Argentia Road
Ontario L5N6H7

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