Vendors in Compositional Analysis and Plasma Etching

Raith GmbH

in Stages for Scanning Electron Microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Plasma Etching, Vendors - High Resolution / Electron Microscopy, Electron and Microscopy Nanolithography, Electron and Microscopy Nanolithography

Raith is a leading precision technology solution provider for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, FIB nanofabrication, nanoengineeri

Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8

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+49 (0)231 95004 0
Fax: +49 (0)231 95004 460

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Electron Microscopy Sciences

in Storage & Viewing Systems, Film Degassing Units, Enlargers, Supplies & Photographic Equipment, Vibratomes, Tissue Processors, Section Stainers, Reactive Ion Beam Etching, Plasma Etching, Plasma Cleaning, Microwave Processing, Knifemakers, Histology Equipment, Grids and Supports, Gold Probes, Freeze Etch and Fracture Units, Freeze Drying Equipment, Fixatives, Stain & Chemicals, Diamond Knives, Cytochemical, Immunochemical & In-Situ Probes, Cutting, Thinning, Grinding and Polishing Equipment, Cryofixation & Cryosubstitution, Critical Point Dryers, Specimen Preparation / Sample Preparation, Specimen Holders for TEMs, Accessories for Scanning Probe Microscopy, Calibration Standards, Workshops for Microscopists, Vacuum Equipment, Vacuum Equipement, Stages for Scanning Electron Microscopes, Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Cleaners, Micromanipulators, Microinjectors, General Accessories, Filaments and Apertures, Filaments and Apertures, Eyepieces, Cryotransfer Systems, Cryotransfer Systems, Coating Units, Chemicals, Film & Paper, Calibration Standards, Calibration Standards, Calibration Standards, Calibration Standards, Calibration Devices, Calibration Devices, Calibration Devices, CCD Cameras, Anti-vibration & Isolation Devices, Anti Vibration Systems, Anti Vibration Systems, Vendors - Accessories for Electron Microscopy

Offering a complete line of microscopy chemicals, supplies and equipment for EM, LM and all related research fields.

P.O. Box 550
1560 Industry Road

PA 19440

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Simpleware Product Group, Synopsys (Northern Europe) Ltd.

in Particle Analysis, Metrology & Profilometry, Image Analysis Software, Image Analysis, Image Analysis, Compositional Analysis

Bradninch Hall
Castle Street
Exeter EX4 3PL
United Kingdom

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Henniker Plasma

in Vacuum Equipment, Plasma Etching, Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Cleaners

3 Berkeley Court
Manor Park
Runcorn WA7 1TQ
United Kingdom

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